14 Apr 2015
Senior Ski Trip 2015 Round up!

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Ski Trip Easter 2016

A sunny and warm Austria saw the arrival of the Pipers Senior Ski Trip during the first week of the Easter break. 54 students and 6 staff attended what was a highly successful and fun trip!

After lunch on arrival, the girls stretched their legs, tried on their ski equipment, and then settled into their rooms before dinner, and a comfy night’s sleep.

The Monday morning saw the girls assessed and split into their groups by their instructors, before hitting the slopes. Good weather and plenty of snow made for excellent skiing conditions! Each day, the girls met for lunch in the main central restaurant enabling everyone to swap stories of who had the best wipe out, what runs they did, and so on. There were plenty of giggling and smiling faces, even though some girls just did not seem to get their instructors sense of humours!!!

The fable of the legendary ‘Snow Spider’ and ‘Snow Snake’ once again surfaced, but despite the girl’s best efforts, none were actually seen!

During the week we saw a change in the weather with increasing winds and thick snow, so the girls stayed on the lower slopes for the day. Once this weather system passed, glorious sunshine took its place and once again, excellent conditions on the slopes made for some great skiing and even better views.

The girls took in the delights of Salzburg one evening, and also zoomed down the flumes at the local swimming pool on another occasion. The Ski Instructors presentation after the lessons on the Thursday, and each girl was awarded a ski school certificate and badge, along with some girls getting special awards such as ‘Speedster of the Week’! Later that evening, after packing, the staff then presented their own awards, and once again, lots of laughter and smiling was to be had at all the different categories!

Friday saw the girls give their own presentations to the instructors, before commencing the final sunny day on the slopes. After dinner, the girls loaded up the coach and got settled into their seats before watching the very fitting movie ‘The Sound of Music’. Needless to say, they quickly nodded off to sleep!

The journey home flew by, and the girls were sad that the trip was at an end, but also really excited to see their parents once again.

Well done to all the girls, and the coach drivers thought you were the best behaved group of students that they had ever had!

Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for the details of next year’s ski trip, and make sure to get your names down quick!

Miss Poore