03 Sep 2015
Changes to Barcelona flight times by British Airways

Dear all,

British Airways have changed the scheduled flight times for the Barcelona tour. Please note these changes and remember, the departure and return airports are different! This was due to the tour company having difficulty booking tickets etc. The meet time at Gatwick airport will be confirmed at a later date but will be at approximately 12.30pm.


Miss Poore

British Airways
Check in London Gatwick: 14:30 (was 14:05)
Depart: 16:30 (was 16:05)
Arrive Barcelona: 19:35 (was 19:15)

Check in: 11:45 (was 17:45)
Depart: 13:45 (was 19:45)
Arrive London Heathrow: 15:10 (was 21:00)